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I have absolutely no respect for Jon Jones, the individual. He does the opposite of what he claims to espouse and I have no respect for that. Jon Jones the individual drives drunk, disrespects his opponents and his boss, backs out of event-saving fights due to his own ego, and regularly praises himself with such vain self-righteousness. If my son was old enough and mature enough to be influenced by prominent celebrities and athletes, I would use Jon Jones as an example of a low-charcter individual that my son should NOT be like.

Jon Jones the fighter, however, is like Toxic said, straight out of a video game. He knocks out guys like Shogun and submits guys like Machida and Belfort. The man is truly a remarkable athlete.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ben Henderson personally and I found him to be very personable and friendly. I disagree with his religious viewpoints and expression but he seems like a very laid back, friendly guy who works hard in training. I thought he won the first fight with Edgar, but did think he lost the second. I'm a fan, but his passion for his faith bothers me sometimes.

I know next to nothing about Johnson. Seems like a nice guy.

The least concern to me is skin color.
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