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As I recall, there weren't too many boos when Bones fought last. Same with Bendo. Now the Mighty Mouse fight, while I enjoyed it simply because of how fast every single thing was done, it would be considered a boring fight because movement was all that stood out in that fight. I don't think that means that UFC fans haven't taken to Might Mouse, just that the fans at the event didn't take to that fight.

If by UFC fans you mean people on here that whine about every single thing any of these fighters do, then..., I have no viable explanation other than, behind every great person, there is a long line of haters. Personally, I like every single one of the fighters you mention simply because of how they fight.

I don't like Bones or Bendo after their fights, or any truly religious fighter, simply because I'm Agnostic and all that god crap is just really annoying to me. I'm still waiting for the day we get either an Atheist or Satanist top fighter, who is open about their beliefs.

Atheist fighter, "I take all of the credit for my natural ability because I don't know that there is a higher power who helped me in anyway."

Satanist, "All thanks be to our Dark Father."
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