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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
to the newly crowned chanpions in recent months? I am talking about

Jon Jones
Ben Henderson
and now Johnson


What is it about these new school of champions that suddenly has mma fans up in arms and handing in their UFC viewership
Can you show me some evidence that is actually happening?

As for Jon Jones, they guy is hugely popular, in relative terms to other fighters, in what is perceived by the vast majority of the general public as a fringe sport (at best). The guy has a Nike deal, for gawd's sake.

And on Anderson: there are any number of reasons why the dude's buy rates have been lower. A few I would submit are that, while I'm betting his English is coming along, he still seems to refuse to use it in any meaningful way with the media, and what he does outside the octagon is eminently un-marketable.
In terms of the predominant MMA market (N. America), he's a bit of a challenge to promote.

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