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Originally Posted by Cookie66 View Post
Is it more difficult to KO someone with bare knuckles? How come in Thailand, people doesn't get KO's often on bare knuckles matches? Are they going easy on each others to put on a longer show?
Oh you can KO people, just more likely to break your hands. Thai fighters utilize kicks far more and I read that they don't fight hard in the first round, start to pick up in the latter rounds. Reason is that they are all poor and they know they need to do this to provide for their family. They're not looking to hurt or maim their opponents where they end up in the hospital. So yes it doesn't seem like they go 100% until the latter rounds...even at that it may be 80%. Again this is my observation and from an old article I read. Anybody who's trained in Thailand can maybe elaborate more on this.

It's very honourable not to say that they won't try to take your head off, but it's certainly not the same as everywhere else. They have a sense of tradition and honour.

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