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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Take a game like Battlefield 3. That game requires so much more skill to get kills is nuts. Distance actually matters in that game. You don't get a free helicopter to kill stuff, you have to get in it yourself and learn to fly it. Jets, tank, jeeps, different classes such as medics and mechanics. The game just requires you to be good at it. COD is a one trick pony. Just learn to line the reticule up with the person and you win. It just comes down to who's trigger finger is quicker.

Just my opinion though.
To a certain degree, yes. But that's why I enjoy playing gamemodes like Domination, Demolition etc. more than TDM, because to win those, team work is what matters. It's damn interesting when two evenly matched teams square off. Or if you're a good player with a shitty team, then you better play your ass off to at least catch up, not to mention win, which is also very fun imo. Not a better feeling when your teams faith is on your shoulders and you end up winning.
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