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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Where's your evidence that 85% of the COD fan base is 12-15? I hear people saying this kind of thing a lot, but considering the fact that pretty much everyone I know who plays COD is in their 20s/30s and most of the people who talk on Xbox/PS3 are adult male voices, yes some kids but mostly adults, I don't understand why people say this.

As for "true skill and balance", who is to say that COD doesn't have "true skill and balance" for the community/gamers that play it? Maybe they find Quake too hard/difficult to play to enjoy it, maybe they aren't good enough to play it or don't like that style of FPS, what's the problem? The game is balanced enough for their skill level to enjoy and have a good time, why does this make it "one of the worst online FPS ever"? Because they aren't skilled enough to play something harder, or don't want to?


As for what I'm playing, I plan to hop into Skyrim later today and try some stuff and hope to not get bored. The Walking Dead episode 4 is confirmed for an October release, probably late October, for any of you who didn't know.
The game isn't balanced, it's a mess. The guns, kill streaks, maps, from an objective stand point they are all poor and randomised game mechanics. It caters to casual gamers, hence it's popularity.

If it was skilled and balanced then cod would should be a major e-sports title but it isn't. No one plays the game competitively because from a skill full perspective it's trash.

My problem with this is that now every single developer out there wants to create a cod clone and it has completely ruined the market. Some of us gamers like a challenge online. We like our fps games fair, balanced and rewarding, cod is neither.

I just despise the fact that every online fps released nowadays is some pathetic call of duty clone, developers just looking to make a quick buck instead of designing some thing original and innovative.
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