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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The only thing that matters in a game is how fun the game is to you personally.

There are multiple FPS games in the world, you have "hardcore" FPS games like Unreal Tournament/CS/Quake for that crowd, you have lesser skilled FPS games like BF3/COD for the casual/average gamer crowd.

Saying that COD is "one of the worst online games ever made" and that it "must be 85% children playing" is stupidly ridiculous. So you guys play "hardcore" FPS games, good for you guys, there are games out there specifically designed for you, have a blast playing them. Why would you even want to go around calling another game, suited for a completely different type of player/skill level, "horrible"? I mean honestly it doesn't matter, it's just an opinion, but sometimes it feels like people forget that you're discussing video games here, not politics, who cares what games other people like, cause trust me, nobody cares about what games you like or what your "skill level" is - it's all about just having fun.

The fact that you even consider comparing a video game to a sport makes this discussion silly and nonsensical. It's a video game, dude. They are here for fun and enjoyment, if that means you need to feel like you're competing at a high level, then by all means feel that way, but realize that you're a minority of gamers and that most people really don't care about the elitist PC FPS players playing Quake - gamers just want to enjoy a hobby (most of them).
High level gaming is considered an e-sport and you would be shocked to see how popular competitive gaming really is. Real sports are also here for our fun and enjoyment, that is also their purpose. A League of Legends tournament (currently the most popular game and e-sport game in the world) gets around 500,000 views from spectators watching on the internet.

Starcraft competitive players in Korea are worshipped as actual celebrities. 5 years down the line I will promise you that competitive gaming will be broadcast on a big enough television company. It's sky rocketing right now, it's ridiculous.

If sports like Darts can exist as an actual sport, then there is no reason gaming can't either. The top level games take good hand eye co-ordination, ultra quick decision making, intelligence and a strong mentality. Can gamers be compared to MMA atheltes and olympic athletes? Absolutely not, but just like Darts players, they can still be considered sportsmen.

And all online FPS players are playing for the same purpose, competition. The goal is to beat the other players and win. Over the top, randomised mechanics have no place in any competition.

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