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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
High level gaming is considered an e-sport and you would be shocked to see how popular competitive gaming really is. Real sports are also here for our fun and enjoyment, that is also their purpose. A League of Legends tournament (currently the most popular game and e-sport game in the world) gets around 500,000 views from spectators watching on the internet.

Starcraft competitive players in Korea are worshipped as actual celebrities. 5 years down the line I will promise you that competitive gaming will be broadcast on a big enough television company. It's sky rocketing right now, it's ridiculous.

If sports like Darts can exist as an actual sport, then there is no reason gaming can't either. The top level games take good hand eye co-ordination, ultra quick decision making, intelligence and a strong mentality. Can gamers be compared to MMA atheltes and olympic athletes? Absolutely not, but just like Darts players, they can still be considered sportsmen.
Yes, you and the 500,000 elitist gamers can watch and play that game, while the 6.5 million people who bought MW3 just on the first day, the game that grossed over 1 billion dollars within the first 16 days, relax and enjoy the casual/average FPS game. Everyone wins.

You have your set of "hardcore FPS/competitive games" and everybody else has their set of more relaxed FPS/competitive games, where it's a lot more about having fun than it is who is best and what kind of extreme balance there is.

So, again, what's the problem? Two groups of games designed for two different types of players.
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