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You keep throwing out the word elitist to put us down but you are the one with a stick up your ass. Noone is arguing that millions of people enjoy playing Call of Duty. The only thing I argue is that FPS games made for competitive gaming are generally better, more diverse, more complex, more exciting and much more rewarding to put down time playing and getting better. This is because of a lot of things, including freedom of movement, importance of tactics and communication, no random game factors, the ability to understand and manipulate sound, and a perfect hitbox among many other things. The games are also more unforgiving than the casual games so as a result it makes you concentrate more, making the game more intense.

If you look at all these factors it's pretty clear to me that a game like Quake or Counter-Strike 1.6 is far superior to the Call of Duty games. That is all I'm saying. If people wanna play MW3, more power to them. But I think if Valve could get the same kind of marketing behind CS:GO (which won't be held back because of the graphics like 1.6 would be for a lot of people), then they would give CoD a serious run for their money. It's human nature to thrive, to practice in order to get better, to beat your friends and feel the thrill and the excitement to clutch a close round for your team.

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