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New Gym!

I Had one hell of a good way to start the week....tuesday morning I got a call from the employer saying an overnight job was open.

I went in and talked with the 2 directors of nursing and resumed work that night.

So monday night I was pissed off and decided to take the jack3d supplement for a lifting session. I was happy with the results yet again.

I did 5 sets of 15 dead-lift @ 125lbs. I took a 15 second break after the 1st, 30, 45, 60, & 75.

After that I was done. I stretched out with the yoga I have in my brain from old. I wasn't able to do a lot of the yoga due to cramps.

So Monday night I sent my instructor a mail telling him what happend at work and asked if I could drop in for a session for today and he tells me just come in.

I knew the gym is now a boxing gym. Which was appealing to me because Brad my instructor taught us primarily jiu-jitsu.

I know some karate, muy thai, and jiu-jitsu...but the boxing was lacking sorely.

So I guess this is god helping me out.

I arrived at 5:30, helped out with setup hanging of bags and hauling gear out of a locker.

We did some light stretching and then 20 pushups, 25 crunches in a 2 part circuit to 100.

I gave out and was maybe able to do at most 70 pushups.

We did 5 rounds of 5-minute drills with drill change @ 30 seconds:
running 1-2's
jumping jacks
bob and weave

After this there were 6 rounds of 5 minute drill:
bag work
pad work

you had an even split.

I mainly worked on a 1-2, left hook, right upper cut on a uppercut bag. I am so rusty I just wanted to pound something into my brain for the 1st time in ages.

From what my partner said during the pad-work my jab was pretty good. He mentioned he liked the power I have in my left hook.

After this, The main coach had me flip a tire down and back across the parking lot. From the amount of power left in my legs I did this relatively easy. After that I was told to do 50 sledgehammer strikes onto a tire.

I was out of gas complete by the end of all this, so much that I didn't attempt a pushup ladder at the end of the night.

Overall the 1st day back went fair in my mind. I will have to wait till my next check to sign up.

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