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Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Lol i have marbles loose yah you're right the one armed Vitor that fought Jones is def better then the Vitor from UFC 12,it's not my fault that you assumed that Weidman a MW fought Jones the LHW Champ in an MMA match obviously i meant wrestling. Get over it you're a nut hugger Jones walks around 240 fights a bunch of MW's out of prime LHW's yet i would put my money on Mir beating him.
Its obvious you have marbles loose.

I assumed that you ment MMA because i was giving you the benifit of the doubt that you are not so freaking stupid that you would use a wrestling match to support your statement as to why Jones reign is overrated and who he would lose to. But obviously you are...

Oh yeah..

Weidman schooled Jones so would Cormier,Cain,JDS, he keeps beating a bunch of out of prime fighters get over it.
Yeah you are so OBVIOUSLY talking about Weidman schooling Jones in a wrestling match BUT in the same sentence talking about JDS,Cain beating him in an MMA match.

Jones fought 1 middleweight and now he is fighting a bunch of middleweights. Lmao..

Btw i said that Vitor from UFC 12 is less skilled then the Vitor of today. And the Vitor of Today is no less hungry then the Vitor of UFC 12. You obviously dont understand how much MMA has evolved.

And if your brain wasnt damaged you would realize that im the last person to call a Jones nut hugger in this whole forum.

BTW you still havent posted the footage of Jones vs Weidman
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