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Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Their is no footage moron only people who know something about MMA know the truth

His reign is overrated because he keeps beating a bunch of out of prime fighters and one good wrestler with decent striking who he couldn't finish.I don't need the benefit of the doubt from a moron who can't comprehend that if a MW can school Jones then obviously a wrestler with equal skill like Cormier would also in an MMA match.

I never said Vitor from UFC 12 has more skill then Vitor of today i simply stated that Vitor from UFC 12 would of been a better fight then one armed Vitor you again assumed it like an idiot.

And i'm joking about you beating a Jones nut hugger you're just to dumb to realize k good night
Actually you said that Vitor of ufc 12,13 was more hungry then the Vitor of today. And you also called him stronger.

I NEVER commented on Vitor fighting with one arm. You are the one that is assuming. Im just saying that the Vitor of today is more skilled then the Vitor of UFC 12. Im not even talking about his broken hand. So its funny how you are saying i am the one assuming. When YOU are actually the one assuming.

Oh so wait you keep bringing up a WRESTLING match you have NEVER SEEN as an example of Jones reign being overrated.


Holy crap man.

You made my night with your ridiculous statements.

Have a good night man.. you clearly NEED a good nights rest.
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