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How many fights for Chael and Nick Diaz before a title shot?

Alright, both of these guys are coming off of losses. But Chael's talking has already had Dana offer him a title shot as a fill in. And in a lot of GSP interviews that I've been reading, he still wants to fight Nick Diaz. There are arguably several guys ahead of both Nick and Chael in line for title contention. How many w's do you think it will take these guys before they get a title shot?
For Chael, I'll say 1 win. If Chael beats Forrest, which I think he will, he'll call Jon Jones out on the ppv. If Chael wins in dominating fashion and especially if he finishes him, Ill say he gets a title shot. Not neccesarily because he desrves it, but because of 3 reasons.
1. Not a lot of big named fighters wanna fight Jones.
2. Dana loves Chael
3. Lhw has had a lot of injuries lately.

With Nick Diaz, I'll say he likely need 2 wins. If he can beat 2 solid guys like Fitch, Hendricks, Condit (rematch), Kampmann, any 2 of those we'll get him a title fight. I think it'll take him 2, because GSP doesn't fight extremely regularly and I think there will be enough time between the Gsp-Condit fight until GSP's ready again for Nick to fight twice. But if Condit beat's GSP, then I say Nick only has to win one fight or maybe none to get a rematch Condit.

I bundled these guys together bc theyre coming off of losses, yet some0 how are still vry close to a title shot. Thoughts?

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