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Originally Posted by Bknmax View Post
Their is no footage moron only people who know something about MMA know the truth

His reign is overrated because he keeps beating a bunch of out of prime fighters and one good wrestler with decent striking who he couldn't finish.I don't need the benefit of the doubt from a moron who can't comprehend that if a MW can school Jones then obviously a wrestler with equal skill like Cormier would also in an MMA match.

I never said Vitor from UFC 12 has more skill then Vitor of today i simply stated that Vitor from UFC 12 would of been a better fight then one armed Vitor you again assumed it like an idiot.

And i'm joking about you beating a Jones nut hugger you're just to dumb to realize k good night

Their is no footage moron only people who know something about MMA know the truth
LOLWUT? Stop acting like you have some inside information or whatever. You said Weidman schooled Jones in wrestling, well since you mentioned it, give proof of it. What I think is, you made that statement thinking you were right, then proceeded to wiki it to show proof, but couldn't find any. Were the people you were thinking about Phil Davis and Ryan Bader? Yes Chris Weidman beat them both, but they ain't Jon Jones. Get your facts right and stop acting like you are above what you are.

Weidman schooled Jones so would Cormier,Cain,JDS, he keeps beating a bunch of out of prime fighters get over it.
Weidman didn't beat Jones in a wrestling match.

Obviously Cormier and Cain would school Jones in a wrestling match. Jones is a LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT while Cormier and Cain are HEAVYWEIGHTS. Furthermore, try naming more than 3 MMA fighters who can win against Cormier or Cain in a wrestling match ( This ain't even Ultimate Wrestling Championships is MMA ). I bet even your beloved Fedor can't do it.

JDS would beat Jones in a wrestling match? If Jones bulks up I assure you he is not gonna lose to JDS in a wrestling match.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I assume you are talking about MMA fights instead of wrestling matches. Cormier, Cain, and JDS at their current weight against the light heavyweight Jon Jones? They would most probably win. Against a bulked up Jon Jones? I'm not so sure there. You can argue however you want that Cormier, Cain, or JDS would win against a heavyweight Jones, but I can argue the opposite too. You can't be so sure until the fight itself happens.

Emelianenko's career is filled with fighting HW's not a bunch of out of prime LHW's and one armed MW's don't compare the goat to Jones.
Obviously Fedor is gonna fight heavyweights...HE IS A HEAVYWEIGHT, HELLO? You don't argue that Jones' career is better than Anderson Silva's just because Jones is fighting light heavyweights while Silva is dominating uh......mere middleweights?

Jon Jones' career is filled with fighting out of prime LHWs? Lets run through his title reign, alright?

1st fighter - Shogun Rua. Let us be reminded that Rua was only 29 years old when he fought Jones. He was arguably on a four fight winning streak when he fought Jones ( since most feel he won the 1st fight against Machida ). You may be true here though, Rua's career spanned 9 years before he fought Jones. Underwent a surgery before the fight with Jones. However, he was the title holder at that point and the best that UFC had to offer. Shogun is still ranked the world's number 4 light heavyweight on most sites today.

2nd fighter - Rampage. Former light heavyweight champion. This guy was coming off wins over Machida and Hamill. Hamill might not be the one of the top, but Rampage put on a clinic against Hamill. He was also a top 5 light heavyweight when he fought Jones.

3rd fighter - Machida. Former light heavyweight champion. You can argue that he didn't deserve the shot against Jones, but arguing that he isn't one of the best light heavyweights in the world...? He was 17-2 going into the fight, and with his elusive style, he hardly received any damage throughout his career. You call him 1 dimensional with good takedown defense. Doesn't that make him an excellent striker that has excellent defensive wrestling? That ain't called one dimensional to me. Furthermore he has a black belt in BJJ. Granted he doesn't use it much in his fights, but we don't know the true extent of his BJJ skills since nobody has been able to keep him down for long ( Which may also act as proof of his BJJ, his ability to get back to his feet ). Fedor's best wins - Big Nog and Crocop. If Machida is one dimensional, so are they.

4th fighter - Rashad Evans. Former light heavyweight champion. Ranked number 2 when he fought Jones. 17-1-1 going into the fight. Defeated wrestling standout Phil Davis for the title shot. I don't think I need to elaborate much here. If you think Evans was out of his prime when he fought Jones, you are 100% delusional.

5th fighter - Vitor Belfort. Former light heavyweight champion. I won't talk so much about him since Belfort was a replacement for Henderson. I will just give this to you.

If you still think Jones hasn't been fighting the best light heavyweights the world has to are insane. Who should he fight? Mousasi?

Anderson Silva
Aldo - Dos Anjos - Mayday - Weidman - Machida - Jones

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