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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
wait what? skill gap not in COD lol, thats why when i play with my team we win almost every game cause we have been playing for years with each other and develop tactics and strategies

helicopters are a joke and if you see them as a problem that just shows your skill in this particular game. Helicopters in our game never even reach the battlefield.

there are huge skill gaps in cod but if all you do is talk in a particular game forum of play a particular series you would not know that.

everytime i play a series for a long period of time i start to get blinded fanboyism where i think its the game that takes the most skill and all around best game, did it when i used to pay quake, did it again when i played halo and cod then i realized that unless i play all the games in a hardcore nature for a period of time i cant talk the one is te best ect.

in cod you have to realize also that different game types there are different skill gapes, games types with objectives imo have a bigger skill gaps but again thats imo probably cause all i play anymore on cod is S&D
The skill gap is incredibly low in cod, that's why no major e-sport promotions use the game for competitive play. Because competitively, the game is a joke.

The kill times are too quick - turning games into a who see's who first wins type gameplay
It's ridiculously easy to aim
Iron sights instead of effective hip firing which limits movement
Cluster****ed maps
Amongst a plethora of other issues which hinder it's competitive merit

I don't limit myself to a certain couple of games either, I've pretty much played all of the major competitive online FPS games.

Day of Defeat
Return to castle wolfenstein
Halo series

I've been gaming online for years and have played all of those games extensively. It takes around two weeks of solid play to become a good player in call of duty, it's that easy to get good at the game.

On the other hand, I've been playing a game like Quake on and off for years now and still I can get 15-0'd or worse by players in the game. The skill gap is tremendously high for arena fps shooters.

From a purely competitive standpoint, the call of duty franchise is right at the bottom of the list, that's why it's never played in any major tournaments and is laughed upon by the majority of competitive gamers.
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