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Originally Posted by BadTrip View Post
How's that? You're claiming that juicing, i.e.; extra lean muscle mass isn't an advantage in a short fight?
Knew I'd get a response here. If it were a grueling five rounder I can definitely see the juice kicking in to give em more endurance. But with how the fights usually unravel with Overeem especially against Brock it was business as usual; liver kick and uber knees. Now granted if he was juicing (not for medicinal purposes as his doctor stated in the Nevada hearing) then of course it aids in building muscles, but come fight time that gets thrown out the window. I'll choose skills anyday. Not condoning it at all, juss sayin' in the specific circumstance I don't see how juicing would have effected the outcome.

Leben juiced against Munoz and some other fight.
Chael was on PEDs against the first fight.
They both lost.

Adding to the list.

Ken Shamrock vs Frank Shamrock

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