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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
Ok, well that makes more sense. Some of us are old enough to remember the original Quake

But still, Q3 is ancient too (I think I first played the demo in like... 1998 maybe?), and is a twitch FPS that makes it difficult to compare to the more complicated FPS with classes and unlocks and loadouts. Never have played Quake Live, but I assume it's not a lot different. Yeah, the purity of it makes it more appealing for competitive play, but it doesnt make it a better game imo. Just different.
I played a little Quake 2, but not the original.

Quake Live is pretty much a direct port of Q3, yea. Crazy that you can actually play Q3 in your internet browser for free. The graphics can actually look pretty nice maxed out too.

For different load outs and classes designed for top notch dynamic team play there is return to castle wolfenstein, tribs and team fortress 2.
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