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Originally Posted by Cookie66 View Post
Is it more difficult to KO someone with bare knuckles? How come in Thailand, people doesn't get KO's often on bare knuckles matches? Are they going easy on each others to put on a longer show?
1) Thais tend to be smaller athletes (seen many heavyweight thais?) so that makes punch KOs less likely if less weight is being thrown around.

2) The fear of smashing your hand psychologically makes power punches less likely, 2.5) Also tactically you would want to be-careful with you hands for this reason.

3) Technique wise punching with proper western boxing mechanics is not done in muay thai so much (although thats changing), because it makes you more susceptible to low kicks so they dont generate as much power and punch more from the waist.

4) Traditionally they have always prioritized kicks knees and elbows over punches and fight accordingly, only with the western boxing influence are they gradually coming to see the vital importance of western punching.

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