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There isn't really any magical ways to get good at BJJ. It all come down to the number of hours you put on the mats. I can't tell you much about MMA since I'm new too, but since I've been in the BJJ communauty for about a year and a half, let me tell you something: Just focus on the basic.

Basic knowledge is what you should focus on, if you try new techniques and fancy stuff everytime, you'll just forget it when you grapple. Have an escape or two for every position, find a couple of submissions you like and work on it. Also, focus on using THE LESS STRENGH you possibly use. That way you're technique will get much better and you'll be able to take on bigger and stronger guys.

And remember, BJJ is way more complex than it seems, you'll probably be in the "I suck" zone for 1-2 years before you start being "just okay".

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