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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Last night my stupid ass spilled a big glass of vodka and Sprite all over my $1500 laptop. The thing seems to work ok apart from the keyboard, which is beyond ****ed up. Thankfully my roommate had an extra keyboard laying around so I can write and all, but I'm really mad at myself for ******* up like that. Now I can't use it at the uni.
Don't worry I had ice cream all over my keyboard...just the other day.

Originally Posted by Killz View Post
And in my country!!!
Dirty 30...everything goes downhill from here.

Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Man i woke up the morning BEYOND hungover. Got a glass of water with 3 advils, put that shit down and went back to sleep. Now i feel amazingggggg.

But last night was a different story... damnit i hate when people talk to me like they are hard shit. Then i have to look like the douche bag when i punk them out about it. grrrrrrrrrrrrr
When being real goes wrong...hehe. Reminds me of the time I tried to take down this fat mo fo. Drank pitcher after pitcher and yaked at least five different times and came back for more til he said no more cuz he was about to puke. a muther.

Watchin' the prelims and doin' some work.

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