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Round 1 - Marc Goddard mans the cage for the only fight tonight between two Brits. Hathaway circling left and working kicks. Then he throws one high right. Then a teep to push Maguire back. Inside leg kick from Hathaway. Then a stiff right jab, and Hathaway tries to follow it inside. But he merely makes Maguire scramble a bit. Maguire lands with a nice left hook inside, his first real stinger of the bout. Hathaway with a right high kick again, then some follow-up strikes push Maguire away. Both guys come over the top with lefts. Maguire tries to counter an outside leg kick with a left hand, but there's not much on it. Big right uppercut from Hathaway just misses. Maguire lands a nice left, and Hathaway comes in looking to change things up. Maguire hits the deck, but he shrugs off Hathaway as the taller fighter moves in. They stay standing, and Maguire looks to counter with his right. With 30 seconds left, Maguire wants a takedown, but Hathaway defends. The round will close with a little less action than was promised, but this still has the makings of an interesting fight as it moves on. likes the first frame for Hathaway, 10-9.

Round 2 - Inside leg kick from Hathaway is on the mark, and he continues to take the lead in pushing the standup game. He just misses a high right kick, then follows witha knee before a tie-up on the cage. The fight drags to the floor, and Hathaway looks to do some work. There's not a ton happening yet, as Maguire defends for the time being. Hathaway working out of Maguire's half-guard and hoping to pass while also trying to do some damage on the ground. The crowd is slightly restless, and at 2 minutes, Hathaway stands up and works some kicks to the legs, then goes back in to Maguire's guard yet again. Hathaway again stands up and works kicks to the legs. Then goes back in and looks for ground-and-pound. He'll land some. Nothing of major consequence, though, before again going back to his feet and kicking the legs. It's another 10-9 round for Hathaway, though the fans seem far from enthralled with the pace.

Round 3 - Maguire's corner yelled at him between rounds to make sure he knew he's down two rounds. We'll see if he puts anything together. He throws a left, but there's not much on it. Hathaway continues to control the center of the cage and continues to push Maguire back. Nice left hand from Hathaway lands. With two minutes left, Maguire is really not doing much of anything in the way of offense. He's counter-striking only at this point and only throwing after defending. Hathaway tries to throw an elbow, then dances away as Maguire tries to get something going. With two minutes left now, Maguire will need a Hail Mary. The crowd is booing a fight really for the first time tonight. And with 90 seconds left, there's a scramble and Maguire gets a takedown and into side control. He'll have to really work here for a stoppage. Hathaway is keeping him at bay, though, and gets to half-guard, then full guard. Hathaway may be doing more from the bottom than Maguire is doing on top. This is how the fight will ride out. It's another 10-9 round for Hathaway on the card, and he should win the fight 30-27. John Hathaway def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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