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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
My story is a little different. Was at the frat house, walked across the street to a bar and brought my case of beer in. They told me i couldnt bring it in, so i went outside, emptied by case, put the beer in my pocket. (Not gonna leave all my beer outside, eff dat shiiiii). Wasn't drinking it or anything and guy was like get out now, yelling and shit. I was just like man what did i do man wtf. Another guy that worked their came up and start pushing me and talking shit saying hed beat my ass. Well im outside, guy still talking shit and i told him look man if you think your hard shit then lets go man. just responds with the "man get out my face" bullshit. I just kept going calling him and bitch and shit saying naw, you think your hard so lets do it man lets go. Well his buddy starts walking towards the police down the street so i just left.

Seriously pissed me off though. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATEEEEEEEEE when people think they are hard as shit but when they get confronted they bitch out. But i am also the kind of person that it takes alot to push me over that edge but once im pushed over it... I dont go back.
Oh yes one of those. It is what it is. It takes a lot to piss me off. I'm fact I get more pissed off when my friends get picked on. But you know self control is TRUE POWER. You know what I mean. Cuz when it goes down we aint stopping til we put em in the hospital in the ICU...permanently. Knowing that it's best to not even bother. I just look at em and smile knowing they dodged a bullet. Enough scraps will give you that confidence.

Glad nothing happened though cuz it's just frat kids. It's almost not even fair. Man...pretty good UK card.

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