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Kind of disappointed Stipe lost to Struve.

What do you all think of Struve and his career prospects?

His chin is real awful. He is able to take some normal shots, but one haymaker and he goes tumbling down. He is only 24 but he has taken so much damage in his fights. I'm afraid he will go down Liddell's path, except at the age of 25~27. Iirc he seems to get rocked in most of his fights, and he got knocked out by Browne, Nelson, and JDS. Granted these guys are real heavy hitters, but so are most of the guys in the heavyweight division. He ain't able to absorb huge punches, his striking defense is abysmal, and he doesn't possess much power himself. Makes for a bad combination...doesn't it? The only thing he has going for him in the striking department is his reach, and he doesn't utilise it very well either. He did show some improvement in using his reach against Stipe, but I'm afraid his chin will be gone by the time he fully understands how to use his reach.

In most of his fights, if the striking doesn't go well for him, he is able to take it to the ground and finish his opponents. If he is winning in the striking department, most of his opponents do not want to take it to the ground due to fear of his BJJ, such as in the fight against Miocic. However, I believe his BJJ is vastly overrated. Which high level BJJ guy has he submitted? Or even a decent BJJ fighter...? Lavar Johnson and Pat Barry ain't exactly known for their submission defense. He would get absolutely demolished by the likes of Bigfoot, Mir, and Werdum. Any fighter with good hands and takedown defense is going to KO Struve ( e.g JDS, Cain, Overeem, Carwin ).

I'd like to see Struve vs Big Nog or Struve vs Mir just to gauge how good he really is. I think he gets KTFO in both fights. I just feel he would make a decent gatekeeper at best. He is like the Mark Munoz of the heavyweight division. Pulls off impressive wins against B level fighters, but loses in devastating fashion against the elite.

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