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I think I'm doing this the way Toxic intended...

I want to branch off of the original question as far as fighters who own their weight class or fighters who move around by asking this question.

How much of an effect should a fighter's performance in one weight division effect his standing if he moves to another?

I ask this question because on one hand you have Frankie Edgar, who in this guy's opinion should be the LW Champ anyway. Frankie drops to FW for an immediate title shot against Jose. Now in a lot of ways, I think this could be seen as a slap in the face to the FW division, sort of saying "he's coming for a bigger division, it must be better". But on the other hand, you have Chael Sonnen, who most people, including Dana White, think could get a title shot should he steam roll Forrest, and he's coming from a smaller division.

So again, I ask, if Fighter X is a badass in one division should he jump into the top spot, or even the top 3 by moving? Or should he have to start at the bottom of the ladder and come back up?
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