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I don't think anyone in my family since I've been alive has even had a funeral. My grandma/grandpa/niece/uncle/dad's best friend (I was very close to him too) are the people I can think of off the top of my head who were family or very close to family that have died, and none of them had funerals. All cremations, no "get together" events, just a simple cremation act.

Funny story - my dad's best friend (the one who I said died), was cleaning house once, and his girlfriend's ex-husband's ashes got knocked over by accident, and he swept the ashes outside with a broom instead of trying to gather them up (they had an argument or something). My dad was there with him with like 2 other people. To this day, everyone finds it hilarious including his girlfriend after a lot of time passed (they lived together for like 20 years as BF/GF, they never got married, they were together when he died).

Anywho, my family/close friends tend to take death lightly after it happens, before/during it's like anything else, lots of emotions and stuff, but once it's over we have fun and move on, no funerals or anything (unless requested, but I never seen/hard of one in my family yet), it's a healthy way to handle death.


As for what I'm doing, I just downed some leftover egg rolls, went fishing this morning caught some trout but didn't keep them, not in the mood for fish eating. They weren't that big anyways. Might go walk on the beach some.
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