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Day - Two:
We've got a few coaches in the gym. Jeff & Brad are the main coaches.

Jeff had us run 10-12 laps as a prelude to the conditioning.

I managed 10 in the time we had.

After this the 100 crunches & pushups again. I believe I hit 70-75 pushups out of 100 due to failure. On the last set of crunches I cranked out 2 for every one they did so I got in 150 of them tonight. I may end up trying to do 2 or 3 for every crunch the team does.

After the crunch & pushup circuit we had a large circuit drill:
30-second bursts @
Forward jumps over a line & side to side 10 jumps then switch.
jump rope
Medicine ball twists to pass to partner behind you.
Squat jumps
one-pound one-two combos
ducking (for lack of better terms)
one hand medicine ball pushups

we did 3x5 minute rounds of this

after this we did 3 rounds of 5 minute work on pads or bag, tonight I worked with a new kid (I'm new as well) on pads.

I strung some nice combos together. I noticed the partner was dropping his right hand so I told him "if you continue dropping the hand I'll hit ya" so when he did I threw a left hook with the mitt. It was a good thing for me and him.

After the mitt work we went outside for tire work.

We did 30 sledgehammer strikes per arm into a large tire. I heard Brad my personal coach commenting "he's got one of the heaviest strikes here tonight!" I was dragging that damn tire backwards with my blows!

After this I was told to do 20 double jumps, we would jump into the tire's center then jump out then run back to the start point. I was able to do 10 of these before I bent over wheezing like a coward.

After this was done we ran 5 blocks down and back to the gym.

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