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How do people not understand the difference between

Having a 3 month training camp behind you and then getting a change in opponents


Being out of shape and fighting on 3 weeks notice.


Someone who has been training his MMA SKILLS for 3+ months isnt stepping up to fight someone on short notice. The guy who is on the couch drinking beer and then stepping up to fight on 2-3 weeks notice is the guy "stepping up on short notice".

There is a HUGE difference.

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Fighters should stay in shape because that's their job. Preparing for a fight means just that, preparing for a specific opponent, not getting your goddamn cardio back to where it's supposed to be.

And Jones being the champ just means he had more to lose. DURRR.
What?? Where did you get that idea??

Preparing for a fight means everything.

Getting in top physical shape. Which includes Speed,Strength,Endurance,Reflexes

Getting your MMA skills on point. Which includes from Wrestling to JJ to Kickboxing to Boxing and everything in between. And making sure all of it is sharp and your reaction time is as fast as can be.

Getting Mentally prepared. Which ranges from being in beast mode to watching tapes on your opponent so you have a strategy prepared.

Having a 3+ month training camp is for everything. If everyone had everything honed in at 100% ALL the time then training camps would have no need to be 3 month long. They could be 2 weeks long and that would give you more then enough time to create a strategy and go over it in the practice room so it becomes second nature.

Being in shape and being in FIGHTING shape is very different. Very few fighters if any stay in fighting shape 100% of the time. Hell Rich Franklin who is one of the hardest workers even when not fighting says that he is in shape but not fighting shape when not fighting. These guys would be insane to train all year long like they do when they are in a training camp.

Their job is to come into a fight in shape. Not to stay in shape all year long. Hell if they win fights then they wouldnt even have to come in into shape. It just happens that if you are not in shape chances are you will lose and if you lose enough you are out.
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