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Originally Posted by Simon Phoenix
It's been well documented on this forum that in my opinion Ken Shamrock is the most overrated fighter of all time.. but what is it about this Cro Cop guy that makes him so great?

Sure he has pretty good KO power.. but there's more to MMA then how hard you can kick someone in the head. I'v studied tapes of his fights from Pride over the years and there's no way he's gonna be able to dominate the superior fighters of the UFC the way he did in Japan. His ground game is terrible, and from what i'v seen he has a terrible chin too. Even the first fighter he fought in the UFC said his kicks didnt hurt as bad as they make them out to be.. i guaruntee you he wouldnt be able to last a round if he got thrown into the octagon with Chuck. If he fights Randy, he'll get submitted in 2 rounds. You can quote me on that too.

I like how you haven't responded to anyone of the replies to your thread, I'm guessing because you've realized how much of an idiot you are because no one agrees with you. You make terrible posts and terrible threads (like this one) and I wish you would never speak your opinion again. I don't even have to say anything about your Mirko claims because they're to retarded for me to fathom.
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