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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Yeah Goldie really has no idea what he is talking about and Joe has to constantly correct him. As for Kenflo, he is ok but I don't think he is great or anything.

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Not knowing what he's talking about is part of Goldie's job.

It's the same thing in almost every sport, you have a play by play guy who describes what's going on without, on the face of it, understanding much, and an analyst/commentator who explains things to him.

This dynamic is there to benefit the casual fan. the guy who just tuned in and doesn't know what the hell an omoplata is needs to have that shit explained to him, but as the production company you want him to feel included. So you have Goldie ask stupid questions, and Joe explain the basics to him.

The hardcore fans will find this quite irritating, but who cares, they're already hardcore fans. The new people will learn something new, and if they stick around will learn to be annoyed with Goldie eventually. but by then they're already hooked.
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