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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Your ability to even process what you are watching is comical.

Typical Tapout shirt wearing obnoxious bar goer who claims to be a "UFC fan".

Except Randy Couture is nothing more than an early version of say...Mike Pierce, and Ortiz an early version of MANY current fighters.

If you are talking about Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez, they are probably different because they happen to be elite fighters.

Carlos Condit hardly has any unique skills, yet you act like he's some kind of Godsend for MMA.

Same with Erick Silva.

Wow! A really fast aggressive guy with good kicking technique, never seen this before!!
Your ability to make completely false and inaccurate assumptions on some ones personality based on an internet forum is comical.

A) We don't broadcast the UFC in bars in the UK. For 8 years I have watched almost every UFC event live in my living room from 3am onwards.

B)Tapout shirts are cringe

C)From your general posting behaviour, I'd have to assume that you're a 20 year old freak living in your mothers basement with little to no social interactivity. I bet my expert, online internet assumption is a damn sight more accurate that yours

Now you're comparing Randy Couture to Mike Pierce and Tito Ortiz to many current level generic MMA fighters.

Now that is truly comical. Randy Couture is a multiple time champion and achieved greatness way past an athletes normal prime time years. He was a boss. Completely unique and an iconic MMA figure. Never mention Randy Couture in the same sentence as Mike Pierce ever again, thanks.

Then Tito, an extremely charismatic, entertaining champion who reigned for a long time in his division and signified the importance of ground and pound from the guard position. You're comparing him to average joes in current day UFC.... No.

Randy and Tito are hugely influential icons of this sport of whom paved the way for the current gen fighters.

Carlos Condit has 28 wins with 26 finishes. That's bad ass and makes him entirely unique. Dudes a killer.

Next you'll be saying Shogun Rua is one of the most over rated LHW's of all time and is a coward. Oh wait, you already did that in another thread.

Get out of your Moms basement, breathe in some fresh air and start living in the real world kid.

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