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I don't see what the OP means, where does he go?

He goes no where. He stays in the UFC and as a HW.

So what if he loses to JDS again? It is teh HW divison, are people expecting JDS to have an Anderson type run?

What if he goes down to 205 get 1 fight then a title shot and loses? WHere does he go from there? 185? Or should he just quit?

No sure why people think if you aren't fighting for the title then you shouldn't compete? If he loses to JDS he just stays at HW taking huge main event fights and waits for JDS to lose.

Only thing is where Cormier factors in. He is Cain's wrestling coach, so they won't fight. If he wins the HW title, I'm sure Cain would maybe then try to drop. But if Cormier loses or Cain beats JDS it will be Cormier who drops to 205 not Cain.

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