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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
If Mike Pierce fought in 2002, he probably would've been a world champion too. Even in the context of his prime, Randy's skillset was nothing spectacular.

Same goes for Tito...especially with Tito.

Also Jake Ellenberger has more knockouts than Carlos Condit, and was about a punch or two away from adding Condit to that list in a fight that should've been NO WORSE than a draw for Ellenberger.

Also Shogun sucks now.

No shit he's overrated. This isn't 2006 and the guy can barely beat Brandon Vera.
If Mike Pierce fought in 2002 he would be doing the same half assed training that they did in those years. He would be a part time tough man.

I see what you are saying to a degree. Not even sure exactly what you guys are going back and forth about. But Randy had entertaining fights, Mike Pierce is a tough SOB but his fights are pretty uneventful. Thats where the difference is.

Can't really compare eras like you are doing. Same goes for all sports. Everything has gotten bigger, faster, stronger. And 60 years from now this generation will look out of its league. If many of the guys that fight today fought then they would have had trouble finding fights. They would have been as one-dimensional as many of those fighters. He would be getting a grand a fight doing reservation shows in between the UFC cards that happened every 3 months. Sure if you could take 2012 Mike Pierce and magically tela-port him to 2002 he would have been a top WW.
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