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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post

Active shooters, terrorist attacks, or other officers in need of help always run through my mind. The day this happens, the last thing I want to say is "I wish I had my gun." I could never live with myself if I chose not to carry that day, and knew that people died because I decided to not carry the life saving tool of my profession.
The day this happens? You know that it's an extremely rare occurrence that you will find any situation that requires you to even think about pulling out a gun, that the vast majority of Americans do not carry and have absolutely no fear about it, and that being scared of walking around without a gun reeks of paranoia?

Maybe "scared" is the wrong word? I've never met anyone in my life or even heard of anyone who is so paranoid that they are "scared" to be without...anything, much less a gun. I am thinking you meant more like "Since I'm already allowed to carry, I may as well carry, it couldn't hurt and could potentially help" kind of thing.

As for what I'm doing, I just had my pasta and now I'm super tired. I can't sleep tonight as I have to get some work done, but I wish I could just pass out right now.
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