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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Holy ****. I felt like you were a cop when you started posting about guns. I get it, you see a lot of shit on a day to day basis and it at least ihmo makes a lot of guys really jaded a little paranoid and you feel need your gun, but that was straight out fox news sounding propaganda. I really don't mean any disrespect and I don't care about you carrying, but that was just a little too much for me.

I'm unamerican I guess, don't understand guns, don't want guns, have no interest in ever owning a gun. And I haven't always lived in nice suburban neighborhoods either. But I also didn't understand the huge uproar in the country about the FBI using face recognition in cameras.

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Not unamerican at all. Guns aren't for everyone.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
The day this happens? You know that it's an extremely rare occurrence that you will find any situation that requires you to even think about pulling out a gun, that the vast majority of Americans do not carry and have absolutely no fear about it, and that being scared of walking around without a gun reeks of paranoia?

Maybe "scared" is the wrong word? I've never met anyone in my life or even heard of anyone who is so paranoid that they are "scared" to be without...anything, much less a gun. I am thinking you meant more like "Since I'm already allowed to carry, I may as well carry, it couldn't hurt and could potentially help" kind of thing.

As for what I'm doing, I just had my pasta and now I'm super tired. I can't sleep tonight as I have to get some work done, but I wish I could just pass out right now.
It feels kind of like forgetting your cell phone or something at home for the day. It's just a very nagging feeling if I don't have it. I feel uneasy and pray to God today isn't the day.

As for it being a rare occurrence, I've been in several near shootings on duty, and put 2 people at gun point before off duty. I don't live in a ghetto area either.

I've been through numerous training classes that really hammer in the point to take your gun with you everywhere. Active shooters and terrorist attacks are the things which cross my mind most. Had one off duty had a gun at the Colorado theatre, Columbine, Virginia tech, ect many lives could have been saved. If you get a chance check out the Beslan massacre. Again, one armed citizen or off duty with a gun could have saved not only lives, but the survivors lives who will never be the same. This is becoming all too common and is likely to only get worse before better.

This is something I just read today. Another re-enforcement as to why I always carry.

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