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Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
BJ has some of the best. people say Frank Shamrock is the first true Mixed Martial Artist. but BJ is the first true elite Mixed Martial Artist. obviously he has some mental problems but there is no denying his all around skill set is phenomenal.

He will have no trouble handling Rory in the striking and grappling aspect of the fight unless(until?) he gases.
I guess if the two were the same size I would agree.... at least on the grappling aspect. I just think that Rory will be too big and too strong for BJ to do anything with. This will only expedite BJ's gassing and the fight will be over.

BJ has far to long relied on natural talent. He use to get away with it too... I'm just getting really sick of people saying "oh this guy better look out, no one can beat a motivated BJ Penn". The problem is a 'motivated BJ Penn' has barely ever existed... and in my humble opinion is thing of the past.

He likes fighting, but he apparently doesn't like training. The margin will only increase has he gets old and this new breed of fighter comes through.

These guys train non-stop. They fully embrace the complete life style. BJ needs to step away now before we can no longer wonder if the great BJ Penn would have beat this guy or that guy... unfortunately for BJ, we'll already know the answer.
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