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BJ's problem has always been that he lives in hawaii surrounded by yes men. It's impossible to be your best when you don't have training partners that push you and even more so when you live in a paradise where your family is already loaded.

Guys like GSP had 3 jobs and train every second they can just to survive, BJ never had those problems. He smokes pot and eats mcdonald's all the time while screwing around on the beach. The body is a chemical reaction and the balance just isn't there for BJ to be his best, he has the most raw talent of anyone I've ever seen, but that's only half the battle. Take away BJ's money, plop him in the middle of Canada in a gym with a bunch of contenders and he'd be wrecking people again. Rory Mac is going to retire BJ Penn just like Overeem retired Lesnar. One solid ass kicking by a big hungry contender will make him reconsider his career.

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