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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Not that different.

This fight is to save a main event heavy card, so was that.

Jones had everything to lose and nothing to gain, so does Mitrione or anyone who steps up on short notice for nothing but a few brownie points with completely ungrateful short-memory fans and boss.

Jones hadn't been training for a guy known for his MMA takedowns, neither has Matt. Jones though had only a week to train specifically for Chael, Mitrione would have more than a month.

The main difference is this fight is being offered around to more than one fighter (imagine that!) and Mitrione isn't being scapegoated. Also Cormier doesn't happen to be the best friend of the guy that mysteriously hid his injury for weeks before pulling out, and also a trash talking douche who didn't deserve the shot in the least, but lets overlook that as well.

You realize that Mitrione wasnt in a training camp correct???

Jon Jones was in a training camp for 3 months.

And you do realize that Mitrione was NOT scheduled to fight on the Strikeforce card. He didnt turn Cormier down because his original opponent pulled out. He was never ment to be on that card in the first place.

Jon Jones WAS scheduled to fight on UFC 151 AND he turned down a last minute replacement that was NOT training.

Jon Jones was not the replacement in that situation. Mitrione IS the replacment in this situation.

IF Jones was NOT scheduled to fight on UFC 151 and then out of no where he was asked to fight Chael at UFC 151 on a months notice. Not a single person would have complained if Jones turned that down. And that is the situation we have here.

I could keep going but sadly by i KNOW its falling on deaf ear. So il get back to my original question

What is this world coming to...
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