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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
Mitione denying short notice fight =/= Chael Sonnen taking a short notice fight

I could see a comparison between Chael and Mitrione here, but to compare Jon Jones to Mitrione doesn't make sense.

Both Mitrione and Chael were offered short notice fights. Chael is a ******* badass and took it, we can ponder our brains off about why he took a fight on short notice like that; Chael is probably one of the smartest guys in MMA right now with the way he carries himself, but it did wonders for his image. The truth is Chael Sonnen should have denied the short notice fight with Jon Jones, it is suicide for anyone in the LHW division to take a fight that late against Jon Jones of all people...then you have to take into account the repercussions of losing an unearned title shot, and how you usually only get 2 title shots in a weight class before you're just termed a high level gate keeper of the division. A reasonable person would not take the fight against Jones on one weeks notice.

Then we have Mitrione, who sees things realistically and realizes that although he'd be helping the UFC out tremendously and giving the fans a show, he's basically getting paid to lose a fight and welcome a ******* monster into the HW division on a weeks notice who will destroy him.

Jon Jones refusing the Chael fight is only comparable to Cormier refusing to fight Mitrione had he taken the fight. Both Chael and Mitrione did not have training camps, and both were offered a fight on short notice. Jon Jones and Cormier both lost their opponents due to an injury and the UFC was forced to find a replacement.
No Chael got a UFC title shot for free (oh wait he talked some stupid shit on twitter nm he earned it). He had nothing to lose. ANYONE would take that free title fight, unless they expected to get a legit title shot soon anyway (like Machida). Nothing badass about it.

Mitrione is getting a useless SF title shot which no one cares about anymore after the merger (doesn't exactly bring the $$$ running in), and his stock falls a lot if he loses. His situation is a lot more similar to Jones than Chael when it comes to risk:reward/stakes.

You guys are reading too much into the "replacee/replacer" semantics. In poker the stakes don't change depending on whether you're the one raising a $1000 hand or calling it ... the stakes for you depend on what cards you hold. Jones and Mitrione held similar "cards" when it came to risks.
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