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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
And he had a month and a quarter to do one.

For another guy, with less than a week to train for Chael. Mitrione himself acknowledges that he needs to train specifically on his wrestling for a guy like Cormier. How is that different from Bones having to train differently for Sonnen?

How does that make a difference? Bones signed up to fight a completely different guy, a guy who hid his injury and backed out. Does him being put on the card poster somehow mean he is obligated to fight godzilla if they so choose at the last minute?

The only fact that matters is they were both offered last minute fights and they both refused. One FAR more last minute than the other. Who was the replacee and the replacer is irrelevant, from a fighter's perspective a last minute fight is a last minute fight.

You'd still complain, because you've complained about every word he's ever said.

A complete lack of consistency apparently.
As i said.. its going on deaf ear.

Its like im not sure if you dont grasp Mitriones situation or if you never fully grasped Jones situation. Either way you are comparing apples to oranges to make yourself feel better. Using arguments like "He has a month and a quarter" are proof of this. As if you dont see a difference between being in a 3 month training camp and being in a "Month and quarter" training camp.

BTW lets not forget that Mitrione already has an opponent scheduled at the end of December. I dont recall Jones having an opponent scheduled 3 months away and then being asked to fight someone much tougher on a months notice without being in a training camp. Hmmm i wonder what Jones would have done in that situation.

Why am i even writing this... i am 100% sure that nothing gets passed that thick skull.

For shts and giggles.
Even though the situations are completely different. I would still rag on Mitrione if he made an interview about how he would kick Cormiers ass and take the fight in a heartbeat just a few days before he turns down that very fight. Which is exactly what Jones did.

You'd still complain, because you've complained about every word he's ever said.
Its comments like this that just make me shake my head. How extremely wrong you are. Just recently i was defending Jones in a thread. I attack Jones when he deserves to be attacked and defend him when he deserves to be defended. Its not my fault you are too blind to see how OBVIOUSLY different these 2 situations are.. Why anyone tries to have discussions with you when you say stuff like this.. its beyond me. Your brain just does not work on "logic".

A complete lack of consistency apparently.
Only if you are not smart enough to see the obvious differences. For those that are smart enough to see how completely different those situations are, realize that everything on this issue is still "Consistent".
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