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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Orly? Please link this mythical interview then, because as far as i know Jones' stand before 151 was that Chael was trying to talk his way to a shot and he WOULD NOT gift him a shot for talking shit on twitter.

What he did say was IF Chael worked his way up, which he didnt, he'd be happy to hurt him and easily beat him.

Yeah your hate is totally logical and completely not based on interviews you make up in your head.
Kanan: "Why not just take the fight, do it and make a lot of money?"

Jones: "I totally agree and I'm not sitting here saying that I wouldn't take the fight, I would take the fight in a heartbeat."

Oh BTW he had no problem accepting a fight with Vitor who didnt deserve the title shot. More BS that you fell for cause you are a fool.

Its your LOVE for the guy that is COMPLETELY blinded you on this situation. I dont have "Real" hate for the guy. There is nothing that blinds me in this situation. If Jones wasnt so deep in his own bullshit then id be defending him in a heartbeat. I am going by the facts.

You on the other hand have soooo much jizz in your face that you cant see through it.

Honestly Liddelanko. Just stfu.... you are so wrong on so many levels and you are too blind to see this. Im not sure who spews more BS... you or Jones.

Quit bringing up the Jones situation because of something that does not relate in any way JUST because you didnt get closure during the whole UFC 151 thing.



And move on...
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