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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
The original Mafia is a classic, super fun game. I'm a huge fan of both Sopranos and The Godfather, but I've never played the games. The thing with spinoff products like those are you will always be compared to the original thing, and in this case, they are probably the greatest TV show and the greatest films ever made respectively. That's tough to live up to.
I hadent seen either the movie or the show at that point, and with all your convincing I still dont like either. Felt that they had a lot of drama and not enough action. Probably why I love Walking Dead so much, and TUF aswell. Great games if I remember correctly though. I played the original Mafia game loads through renting it. When I got to the mission in Mafia 2 where Joe and Vito killed the dude it was trippy as fuk.

I gt Resident Evil 1 on PS Store a while ago. Thought it was hilarious the first time I found a zombie and he comes...hugs me...and lets me go. That was step one. Next thing I no mahfukas are jumping through windows, and although it's been about 12 years since it came out Im still shitting myself haha.

Did anyone ever play POW? I like those kind of small community games/tv shows. You're locked or stuck in a certain space with a certain amunt of peple and you get to know them all but eventually have to move on and stuff. Pretty much Walking Dead aswell.

I have a pretty standard laptop, will the walking dead games work on it you reckon? Still have an unplayable Sims 3 kicking about haha.

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