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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Arnt they also creating the story line though??? It doesnt really seem like they have to change the game-play around. I think all that could have been gotten across even in the older gameplay. And then for really heavy stuff it could have been taken care of through cut-scenes.

I dont know... sounds to me like they felt this would appeal to the masses more and thats why they went with it.
Yeah its a bullshit excuse. In fact its exactly the excuse that the Dead Space creators are using for making DS3 more action-oriented. In reality I think think they just want to make a blockbuster, and feel that a blockbuster today demands more action because slow, creeping survival horror is more a niche market.

I enjoyed RE4 alot. RE5 was fine because i was able to play co'op. But it did feel like a complete different game imo.
Odd. I actually thought RE5 and RE4 were really similar. Certainly the graphics were massively updated, and the setting was quite different (sunny african shantytowns instead of gloomy spanish countryside) but the way it played, aside from the co-op element, felt very similar to me... using the environment by barricading entrances and windows, escapes from windows and second story jumps, knocking down ladders, etc. It had a similar "store" function that I don't recall from the older games, with saleable treasures. The zombies behaved very similarly and for the most part the types you encountered were the same from 4 to 5- the big guy with the chainsaw, the viral zombies with tentacle-sprouting heads, the head-splitting dogs, the giant. Many of these quite specific enemy types were identical between the two games.

In fact I thought that RE5 was the product of some exec saying "RE4 was great! So what if we made a new game, used all the same game mechanics as RE4, but didn't limit it to Wii-level graphics, made it for the platforms we ignored last time, and set it somewhere else?"

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