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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Ah even using the Sonnen insult language I see, what a cute little brainwashed Sonnenite. Seriiously, what grown up uses the word "dummy" as an insult? Is this 3rd grade?

Enjoy your little love affair then, later.
Haha i didnt imagine it would get under your skin this much.

Sorry about that.

I ment it in the same way you pet a little kid on the head that is acting up because you obviously can't take him seriously. It wasn't supposed to be a vicious insult.


Sideways - Jon Jones said this.

Liddelenanko - you just make stuff up in your head! Show me where Jones said this imaginary quote. You just lie and go by stuff you make up!!

Sideways - *shows exact quote to liddelenanko*

Liddelanenko - well uhh umm uhh ahh that quote is umm ahh uhh that quote is edited! It's so obvious that quote is fake.! Everyone can tell that the quote is fake! So yea there you go! Oh yeah and Jersey Shore!!! durppp durpi durp

Sideways - okay dude... Get help.

( btw Jones addresses absolutely everything. Including when he chased down a journalist because he didn't like the article that was written about him. If the quote was taken out of context the quote that made him look incredibly stupid in front of millions of people. Jones would have addressed it. But he didn't because He knows its not taken out of context. And you must never have listened to the radio because there was nothing unusual about the way they ended that clip or anything else.)

Now you got me curious though. What kind of insults do "Grown ups" use??? Am i supposed to cuss up a storm to be considered a grown up??

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