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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Great brown hope? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Where did I label him as a great hope either? Do you read through posts and then make up stuff up on your own or some thing?

And why would it take some form of magic for him to get by wrestle-boxers like Hendricks and Pierce? His skillset causes problems for the wrestle-boxers of the division. He's proved to be very dangerous on his feet as well as on the ground, the wrestle-boxers are going to have a hard time smothering him down and even harder time trying to box with him.

I used Silva as an example, I didn't ever say I think he'd beat GSP. But I do think it's styles like the one Silva possesses which are most troublesome for GSP. GSP has already proved he can dispose of the top notch wrestlers. It's the guys with elite level striking and elite level BJJ and active guards that I feel are going to give him most problems.

You seem to be really offended and upset by criticsing these wrestle-boxers for some reason. I just find them boring and uninteresting, stop taking it so personal.
I just think it's funny how you label like 6 white fighters as being boring, then go on to say Erick Silva is the future.

Kind of like the guys who hate Jon Jones, Phil Davis and Rashad Evans, then turn around and say Alex Gustaffson is the future.

It's equally ridiculous no matter which side you're on and equally transparent too.

And the reason I find it offensive and take it personally is I don't mind if someone wants to just come out and say 'I don't support white fighters' or 'I don't support black fighters' that's fine, just own up to it.

I just hate the p****-footing around on either side.
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