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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
I just think it's funny how you label like 6 white fighters as being boring, then go on to say Erick Silva is the future.

Kind of like the guys who hate Jon Jones, Phil Davis and Rashad Evans, then turn around and say Alex Gustaffson is the future.

It's equally ridiculous no matter which side you're on and equally transparent too.

And the reason I find it offensive and take it personally is I don't mind if someone wants to just come out and say 'I don't support white fighters' or 'I don't support black fighters' that's fine, just own up to it.

I just hate the *****-footing around on either side.
Oh I see, so you're implying my posts are racially motivated now because I labelled Erick Silva as a stylistic threat to GSP.

Stop being so utterly ridiculous.

A) You're the one who associated the term "college boys" exclusively to white males. Not me.

B) I'm a young white male who has college education under my belt

C) You casually ignored the fact that along with Erick Silva, I also mentioned Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz. Both white males.

D) I'm really quite shocked at how you've tried to pull the race card on this entire debate.

I'm both shocked and appalled. You think that I'm a black guy hating on white fighters. This is both shocking and hilarious at the same time.

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