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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
I literally can not believe what I'm reading here. Reverse racist psychology, is that the tactic you're employing here?

Race has had NOTHING to do with this topic at hand, absolutely nothing. The only one who's acting suspiciously racist is you. I used the term "college boys" and you associated it to white males only. That is your problem, not mine.

Rashad Evans and Phil Davis I would also happily label as college wrestle-boxers too.

I'm not sure if you're trolling or if you have some serious underlying racial issues you need to speak to some one about. I hope no one else reading this thread thinks any of my posts were in any way racially motivated, because they weren't.

Edit: I'm really just a self hating white-British male with college education under my belt
yes, there are no self hating white people... in Britain. Now it's my turn to be incredulous as that's actually a pretty well known thing in the UK (especially among the college educated class), where I grew up.

But a quick perusal of your recent post history shows you support Cain Velasquez, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Erick Silva, Jose Aldo, Machida, JDS, Belfort,

and that you think Cub Swanson looks like a 'rodent' and you don't like Charlie Brenneman, Jon Fitch, Jake Ellenberger, Johnny Hendricks, you think Clay Guida is a 'bitch', you call Chuck Liddel 'washed up', you imply that Mark Coleman, one of the greatest of all time sucks, you don't 'ever want to see Cole Konrad fight ever again.`

sorry for imagining things, but be honest, you've got a little bit of a Hispanic fetish... and you may not hate white people, but you don't seem to like many white fighters...

The only white guys I can see you supporting are Bisping (who`s British, like you) and Volkman, who I also like and whom your support of kind of throws all my conspiracy theories right out the window.

But I have to ask, how is Volkman good in your opinion since he`s basically all the things you hate MINUS the ability to throw a punch...

oh and Greg Jackson looks like 'a pelican' am I missing anyone out here?

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