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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
yes, there are no self hating white people... in Britain. Now it's my turn to be incredulous as that's actually a pretty well known thing in the UK (especially among the college educated class), where I grew up.

But a quick perusal of your recent post history shows you support Cain Velasquez, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Erick Silva, Jose Aldo, Machida, JDS, Belfort,

and that you think Cub Swanson looks like a 'rodent' and you don't like Charlie Brenneman, Jon Fitch, Jake Ellenberger, Johnny Hendricks, you think Clay Guida is a 'bitch', you call Chuck Liddel 'washed up', you imply that Mark Coleman, one of the greatest of all time sucks, you don't 'ever want to see Cole Konrad fight ever again.`

sorry for imagining things, but be honest, you've got a little bit of a Hispanic fetish... and you may not hate white people, but you don't seem to like many white fighters...

The only white guys I can see you supporting are Bisping (who`s British, like you) and Volkman, who I also like and whom your support of kind of throws all my conspiracy theories right out the window.

But I have to ask, how is Volkman good in your opinion since he`s basically all the things you hate MINUS the ability to throw a punch...

oh and Greg Jackson looks like 'a pelican' am I missing anyone out here?
Holy mother of god, this is actually unreal. I'm literally speechless. Not only have you made up a bunch of absolute rubbish about me slagging off other fighters, but apparently I now have a hispanic fetish.


I don't support Erick Silva, I don't support Jose Aldo, I don't support Machida, I sure as hell don't support Junior Dos Santos and I don't support Vitor Belfort.

Where have you been getting this trash from? I don't support ANY of those fighters. You're basing my support and fandom of which fighter I have picked to win a fight? Picking a certain fighter(s) to win a fight doesn't mean I support or root for them. I couldn't care less if Erick Silva loses to Jon Fitch, I'm not even an Erick Silva fan for crying out loud and come fight time, I may even pop a bet on Jon Fitch to win.

I call Chuck Lidell washed up? What?! I've always been a Chuck Liddell fan, as well as a Randy Couture fan. Why are you just making up random things which make no sense? I called Clay Guida a bitch because he fought like a bitch against Gray Maynard. Gray Maynard, another white male who earned my approval on that night.

Mark Coleman does suck right now. He's terrible. How can that be perceived as any thing racially motivated? I can respect the fact how ever, that he WAS a great fighter in his time and era.

And what has Greg Jackson looking like a Pelican got to do with any thing? That was a light hearted joke and he does actually kinda look like one.

You've obviously got some serious underlying racial issues my friend.

I like people of all races and ethnicities. White, black, hispanic, asian, I couldn't care less where you're from, I'm happy to mix and interact with any one. As long as you're nice to me, I'll be nice back to you, that's the golden rule I follow in life.

I'm actually quite concerned about the state of your mental health and I'm truly shocked that you think my posts are racially motivated. I'd say you need some help mate.

And NO, I'm not a Michael Bisping fan.

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