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Would like to see Faber spar with Manny Pacquiao (or other high level striker near his size) & true to evolve his game more.

Its ridiculous how Faber talks about his speed & how fast he is given the way he stands flat footed right in front of people and plods like a 265 lb heavyweight. He just stands right in front of Aldo & lets Aldo kick him in the leg repeatedly.

He stands right in front of Barao & tries to play the range game against someone with longer reach than him. He'd probably do better fighting more like Demetrious Johnson & using his speed and movement to his advanrage.

Faber's approach to fighting is similar to how someone who is 6 foot 5 who weights 250 lbs would approach the game.

He comes out thinking he only has to land one good punch to KO/TKO his opponent in the way a lot of fighters who have KO power do. He'd do a lot better using combinations and moving well, than the way he fights standing flat footed and trying to land one big bomb.
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