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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
There is a nice place to make some money. Not saying Fitch will win for sure, but hard to pass up Jon Fitch as an underdog. Wouldn't be the first explosive hype train derailed by fitching on the tracks.

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It is basically as close to 50/50 you can get with Silva the slight slight favorite.

I actually think the opposite. I don't see where Fitch derailed any hype trains. He had a very tough time with a gassing 155er in BJ Penn and was just KO'd bad. Fitch is no spring chicken he is 34 going on 35. People need to realize that fighters don't last forever. Just because Fitch was the #2 guy for a long time doesn't mean he is still elite now. Time and evolution catches up to all fighters.

Lets look at Fitch's last few fights:

Hendrcks: KO'd early. Say it was a fluke, it still happened. Fitch has always had holes in his stand up game.

Penn: Got taken down and beat the 1st round and probably the 2nd as well. Took over when Penn gassed out like he usually does. Nothing impressive out of Fitch here. Penn isn't a top 10 WW.

Alves: Alves didn't make weight. Good win regardless for Fitch, but Alves isn't an elite fighter anymore. Alves has been on a skd since GSP beat him.

Ben Saunders: Couldn't even finish him. Saunders isn't even in the UFC now.

Mike Pierce: surprised many and gave Fitch a tough fight.

He hasn't really faced any upcoming talent. His last 2 fights weren't anything great. Stylistically this is a bad matchup for Fitch. Silva isn't a 155er like Penn. He has a very legit BJJ game. He looks to have solid TDD. His striking is very dangerous. Plus this is in Brazil where they won't let Fitch lay all night even if he does get it to the ground.

This is purely a set up fight for Fitch to lose. And for Silva to cash in on an old name to get some hype around him. The UFC is in the business of creating contenders. And that is exactly what they are expecting here.

We will see
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