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I just think that even if he is 37, AS still has what it takes to give Jones a beating (I think he is the only one to be honest, much more so than Gustaf or any other fighter at 185 or 205). Of course Jones is a force to be reckoned with and the fighters themselves (along with coaches) are probably the most accurate at 'evaluating' risks/possible outcomes of potential fights so I agree that Anderson would never take the prospect of fighting Jones 'lightly' but from the standpoint of his career and the position he is in (rare combination of incredible natural talent + technique), if he does end his career by a sequence of victories over GSP and JBJ, it would take him to a whole other level of 'legend' status imo. i sure hope it happens... i'm 32 and i admit to getting giddy as a schoolboy whenever I envision AS vs JBJ.

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As much an Anderson Silva fan I am, one can't help but wonder if Silva isn't highly concerned with Jones as an opponent. He provides names of fighters who are at least a year away from solidfying themselves as contenders, as a reason he doesn't want to fight for the title. Furthermore no one's saying this fight has to be a title fight.

Three years ago I would've been interested in seeing this fight. Now I just think age is such a huge concern. Perhaps I'm being a skeptic, but I've never taken what's come out of Anderson's mouth too seriously -- even if he is perhaps my favorite fighter. One can't deny the querness of logic and personality he's exhibited.
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